Draft of Future Press Release

Inventions for Launches!

New York, NY –, is a website devoted to facilitating the universal accessibility of practical inventions and other products which could benefit large numbers of individuals and communities. (IFH) connects individuals and social sector intermediaries, including NGOs and other non-profits, to a database which is curated solely for inventions and other products with practical social benefits.

These inventions are selected based upon four criteria, (1) their suitability for use in developed and developing nations, (2) low cost, (3) low maintenance and (4) ease of setup and use.

The initial idea for IFH originated from an individual’s interest and involvement in the nonprofit sector and his curious interest in unique inventions and practical products. An entrepreneur at heart, he realized the potential of using internet exposure to provide universal knowledge of, and access to, inventions and other products which could benefit large numbers of individuals and communities.

In the future, hopes to directly facilitate the procurement and delivery of select inventions and other practical products to those of greatest need.

About the Company: IFH facilitates accessibility of practical inventions and other products which could benefit large numbers of individuals and communities. currently operates as a division of an established American company. may consider transitioning to either an independent “Benefit-corporation” or a Non-profit 501(c)3 in the future.