The Mission:

To facilitate the accessibility of practical inventions and other products which could benefit large numbers of individuals and communities.

Our First Step:

To populate IFH’s easily searchable database with practical and market-ready inventions and other products.

Current Categories of inventions and other products include:

  • Energy
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Home, Housing and Shelter
  • Infrastructure
  • Learning and Education
  • Medical, Health & Wellness
  • Technology
  • Waste and Sanitation
  • Water Management

Other Stakeholders:

IFH may also have importance to non-profits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social entrepreneurs that are already helping people in developed and developing nations.

IFH Criteria for Invention and Product Selection:

1. Suitable for use in developed and developing nations.

2. Inventions and other products that can benefit individuals and groups.

3. Low-cost, assuming it is not financed by NGOs or third-parties.

4. Easy for end-users to setup and use.

5. Low-maintenance for end-users.


Our Process:

Our Process for approving social inventions to be included in our database:

Step 1 – Initial Invention Submission:
You will be asked to submit a brief overview and any relevant information (online or hard copy submissions accepted via Submit my Invention.)

Step 2 – Conference Call:
IFH will review your invention and may request a conference call if we would like any additional information about your invention.

Step 3 – Complete Submission:
You may be asked to provide more detail

Step 4 – Listing Decision:
We will contact you if your invention is selected for listing in the IFH database.